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4 Common Challenges People Face in Addiction Recovery

Many recovering addicts confuse abstinence with recovery. They think they will be fine if they do not drink or use substances. When a person is in recovery, they face several challenges every day. Their mind tricks them, testing their willpower and determination every step of the way. In addition to beating temptations, recovering addicts must cope with the challenges life throws at them to achieve their goals.

Here are some common challenges that recovering addicts face.


Relapse is one of the biggest challenges an addict faces during and after rehab. Recovery does not happen overnight and can be a long and painful process. Withdrawal symptoms are to be expected. Such withdrawal symptoms include digestion problems, sleeplessness, and mood swings. It can be very challenging to manage these symptoms, which is why it is good to surround yourself with others that understand. If you are looking for Napa addiction treatment, then reach out to Life-Rock. We offer permanent supportive housing and sober living environments for those recovering from addiction.

If a loved one is in recovery, help them develop a strong peer support system, so they have people to fall back on when they feel vulnerable. Encourage them to see an addiction counselor. Addiction counselors can help recovering addicts develop coping mechanisms and learn the necessary skills to beat cravings and temptations. Counselors work with their patients to develop a plan that helps them connect with their inner selves so they can better understand their thought patterns.

Mental Health Issues

When a person dependent on a substance first tries to live without it, they can often experience stress and anxiety, which increases the risk of mental disorders. If the person is already grappling with a mental disorder, their symptoms can get worse. As a result, the urge to fall back into old habits can get too strong to resist. Recovering addicts who feel their mental health is going downhill should see a mental health professional.


Boredom can derail the recovery process. When a recovering addict has too much time, they can get bored. Constant feelings of boredom can lead to cravings. Recovering addicts who get bored easily should consider moving into a sober living house after completing their rehab program.

A sober living house is managed by a knowledgeable and experienced professional. They conduct various physically and mentally stimulating activities to engage house residents and prevent boredom. It can also offer an opportunity for life-long friendships with others that have experienced exactly what you are going through.

Money Problems

The financial costs of addiction can be substantially high. Unfortunately, a person addicted to a substance is usually in no position to pause and calculate the cost of addiction. An addiction can lead to not showing up to work and even losing a job.

Life-Rock is committed to helping recovering addicts stay focused on their recovery journey. Our addiction recovery program is designed to help recovering addicts cultivate self-awareness and mindfulness. To learn more, call 707-575-9100 (men’s helpline) or 707-575-9599 (women’s helpline).