Conquer your alcohol abuse

Life-Rock offers a program-driven residential experience in both housing and support. We encourage the 12 steps of AA in a holistic modality. The length of stay is open-ended and unique for each resident. Our minimum stay is 90 days for men and 180 days for women. Almost everyone stays longer than the minimum, and many residents stay for a year or longer. Your stay will be based on your own history, underlying issues, and needs.

According to a recent study in 2021 conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), around 283 million people struggle with alcohol use disorders around the globe. Long-term alcohol use can have a myriad of negative health effects such as a decrease in bone density and can lead to irregular heartbeat, stroke, and alcoholic liver disease. Alcohol use disorder can affect a person’s personal and professional relationships, their ability to focus, and most importantly their well-being. 

How We Help

Life-Rock is committed to helping recovering alcoholics make a positive change in their life. Environment plays a major role in addiction recovery. Many recovering alcoholics succumb to temptation and fall off the path after returning to their homes from rehab. We have created an environment devoid of temptations. Developed by experts and former addicts, our transitional housing program aims to equip recovering addicts with the skills they need to rebuild their lives and resist future impulses.

We guide house residents through every step of the way. Each transitional house is overseen by a house manager who upholds our zero-tolerance policy. Our house managers take various steps such as conducting random sweeps and drug tests to ensure our residents are fully immersed in a drug-free environment. We make house residents responsible for keeping their rooms clean and keeping their living spaces tidy. Every resident must take responsibility for their actions. Responsible people are able to assess the consequences of their actions and think things through. Recovering addicts who have a sense of responsibility are less likely to stray off the path.

You Are Not Alone

Let’s work together to make sure that no one has to suffer through the pain of addiction alone. Our house managers encourage house residents to share their stories and journey with each other. When house residents interact with each other, they learn from each other’s experiences and mistakes. A house resident who has been struggling with alcohol addiction for a long time can provide useful tips on fighting cravings and temptations to other residents. For house residents who are struggling to stay focused on their goals, our house managers can create a plan to avoid stressors and overcome urges.

At our mixers and get-togethers, we provide recovering addicts with a safe, supportive environment to socialize. Our activities are designed to encourage positive behavior and foster recovery from addiction. Our recovery program was founded on the idea of acceptance and growth. We fulfill social and individual needs, including group counseling, support groups, and relapse prevention classes. Our goal is to help individuals reclaim their lives and lead healthy, productive lives free from substance abuse. We invite everyone who wants to move beyond addiction and into recovery to join us at our events!  Together we can make lasting progress toward healing and achieving sustained sobriety.

Fulfilling employment strengthens the commitment to recovery, helping reduce the risk of a relapse. Our house managers help residents find jobs that provide structure. They also encourage them to join support groups that help recovering addicts give voice to their deepest feelings.

Never fight addiction alone again, we can be your rock. Call our office and schedule a visit today. Men seeking help can reach us at (707) 575-9100 while women seeking help can reach us at (707) 575-9599.