How to get started

In order to get started on your own Life-Rock, you must:

  • Have a desire to succeed in recovery NOW
  • Be 72 hours clean and sober
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Interview with house residents and managers
  • Fill out an intake form

Every man and woman in a Life-Rock house undergoes a rigorous interview process with our Director, the House Manager, and each member of the house. We are very selective about who we bring into a house. Each individual must commit in writing to the Rules of the House which include a rigorous program of work, daily chores, curfews, and two weekly house meetings.

At our twice-weekly house meetings, clients check in about what’s going on in their lives and receive feedback from their house brothers and sisters. It is also where house issues are addressed and our clients are held accountable for their actions and fulfilling their obligations to the house.

We encourage our clients to attend meetings and outings together. Doing things together helps us to learn to trust and rely on one another. We truly become a brotherhood and sisterhood with such mutually shared experiences.

What you should bring

  • Bedding not required but optional
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes
  • For the person coming from a situation where they may not have much, we can help.

What we need to know

  • Any legal issues pending
  • Any medications
  • Drug or drink of choice

Contact Us

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