Psychedelics is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of substances that change sensory perceptions, energy levels, and thought processes. Though psychedelics are considered non-addictive, users can become addicted to the sights and sounds they experience while intoxicated. Psychedelic drugs can cause several side effects, including vision problems, tremors, dizziness, and weakness. Regular, long-term use of psychedelics can lead to permanent changes in personality and attitudes. It’s also common for people who abuse psychedelics to experience extremely disturbing drug-related flashbacks.

Life-Rock is committed to lending a helping hand to people addicted to psychedelics. Our addiction recovery program is designed to speed up addiction healing in Petaluma. Its objective is to equip addicts with essential life skills.

We are in association with various inpatient and outpatient programs designed to help individuals get back on their feet from struggling with the disease of addiction. Life-Rock offers a program-driven residential experience that recognizes where you live has an impact on your overall recovery.

We have built a strong addiction recovery community in Petaluma, Windsor, and Santa Rosa. Our team works hard to maintain a structured environment in our men’s sober living house and our sober house for women in Petaluma. Our house managers take it upon themselves to enforce house rules to ensure that everyone maintains a drug-free sober living environment in our sober homes.

Many people addicted to psychedelics cut ties with family and friends. Social isolation can lead to mental health problems. Our house managers conduct activities and events at regular intervals to engage residents. These activities help house residents learn from each other, gain essential life skills, and discover their creative potential. In addition, fun activities help to relieve stress and can create bonds between residents who are all working towards achieving a better life for themselves.

Support networks play an important role in helping prevent relapse. We help residents find and join support groups that allow members to share personal experiences, feelings, and information about addiction.

Chronic and apathetic boredom in recovery can increase relapse risk. A routine can help create structure in life and improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Our house managers encourage residents to develop a demanding yet practical routine.

Our house managers help residents find jobs that keep their minds active and engaged.

Have you just completed an addiction rehab program and want to enter our Petaluma, Santa Rosa, or Windsor sober living home? Call our office today to speak with our experienced team members.