Discover the serenity in sober living

Stable alcohol and drug-free living environments can be a critical start to a whole new way of living in sustained abstinence. Destructive living environments can derail recovery for even highly motivated individuals. Whether a person is coming from their current home, a unique situation, rehab or detox center, a Sober Living Environment (SLE) can be an ideal transitional arrangement. This is most beneficial when finishing a drug rehab program, detoxing, or making a personal decision to change. This allows a newly recovering alcoholic/addict to adjust and process everything they have been learning.

Not everyone is ready to go straight back to their former living environment immediately following rehab or detox. Doing so might put some people’s sobriety in jeopardy. The benefits of sober living allow a person to get a sense of what a real sober lifestyle is like. Real-life responsibilities, accountability, social norms, and cooperation along with learning to trust, support others, and be supported are all a fundamental part of sober living.

Life-Rock is committed to offering affordable, spacious, and good quality housing in a home-like setting. The foundation of Life-Rock is based on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We, the staff, are a faith-based group that encourages our residents to attend 12-Step meetings, read the Big Book, get a sponsor, get into service, and embrace the fellowship available to them.

Our top priority is to assure a home that is harmonious and provides a serene, sober environment. Hence, our common welfare comes first; individual welfare follows closely after. Our goal is to assist all our residents upon their return to independent living and to help each individual become a useful, productive member of society.