Many recovering addicts succumb to the temptations present in their environment and fall off the wagon after returning home from rehab. A healthy, temptation-free environment is critical to recovery. 

At Life-Rock, we have created a safe space devoid of temptations where recovering addicts can heal properly. Our transitional housing program ensures recovering addicts are supported every step of the way. We have a zero-drug-tolerance policy which is enforced by all our staff members. At Life-Rock we choose to go above and beyond for our residents and not only help them through addiction recovery but also provide them with tools and teachings that they can rely on to help them through the many obstacles they might face later in life.


Our Values

Many of our house managers have gone through the addiction recovery process themselves. They know exactly what house residents are going through. Our house managers are always willing and ready to lend an ear to house residents who need someone to talk to. They help house residents build good habits and work on their coping skills. They know just what environment facilitates recovery and are a huge help in making a change in our residents’ lives.

Transitional living is one that promotes cleanliness and organization. Every house resident is responsible for maintaining a clean living space. People with a sense of responsibility are able to make better decisions. Recovering addicts who feel responsible toward themselves and their loved ones can resist temptations and stay focused on their goals.

A productive environment plays a vital role in addiction recovery. A clean and uncluttered space reduces temptations, fosters positive thinking, and helps build willpower. Our homes were designed to show our residents how living in an organized environment creates a positive and productive mindset.


What We do for our residents

Our house managers organize activities to engage house residents. These activities help house residents learn from each other, gain essential life skills, and discover their creative potential. In addition, fun activities are for relieving stress and creating bonds between residents who are all working towards achieving a better life for themselves.

There are many benefits of peer support in addiction recovery. A peer support program equips participants with the tools they need to fight their inner demons. We encourage house residents to join addiction support groups.

One of the benefits of joining our transitional living program is our help with job placement. Our house managers help house residents find a job. A job is a big step towards stability and a better quality of life. Addicts often feel like outcasts, we combat this by helping our residents find a job they can perform to help them get back on track and integrate into society.

The road to recovery is not easy, it is a path that requires willpower, determination, and fortitude. In honor of our residents’ choice to stay on the path towards self-improvement, we throw get-togethers and events to celebrate and remind our residents that the path toward recovery is one of the best decisions they could have made.

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