The big 3…


Treating heroin addiction usually involves lifestyle changes, support groups, short-term medication, and therapy. We are associated with outpatient and inpatient treatment centers that provide these programs. Heroin detox is usually the initial step in addiction treatment; we require a 72-hour detox prior to entry. Depending on your unique situation, some should detox with a group of experts and/or in a medical setting.

Sometimes heroin withdrawal lasts for several weeks and can be painful. We find that tackling underlying behaviors that may be at the root of the addiction is key.



Life-Rock offers a program-driven residential experience in both housing and support. We encourage the 12 Steps of AA in a holistic modality. The length of stay is open-ended and unique for each resident. Our minimum stay is 90 days for men and 180 days for women. Almost everyone stays longer than the minimum, and many residents stay for a year or longer. Your stay will be based on your own history, underlying issues, and needs.



The most effective treatments for methamphetamine addiction are behavioral therapies and support. Working the 12-Step program with a sponsor along with random testing and encouragement for non-drug-related activities has been shown to be effective in reducing methamphetamine misuse.

Although medications have proven effective in treating some substance use disorders, there are currently no medications that counteract the specific effects of methamphetamine or that prolong abstinence from and reduce the misuse of methamphetamine by an individual addicted to the drug. Therefore, we stress 12-Step meetings, sponsors, random testing, support and encouragement from fellow house residents as a long-term key to success and health.