I lived at the Humboldt SLE house for just about 2 years. I would tell anyone that needs a fresh start in life to reside there.


Life-Rock has been my safe haven for over a year now. It has provided me a safe place to recover, rebuild and reinvent myself as a strong, independent, and healthy sober woman in recovery. The way the program is structured highlights self-knowledge, accountability, honesty, integrity, and community


Being a live-in house manager has been a truly transforming experience for me. Being of service at this level, and alongside my team at Life-Rock, has catapulted me into a state of love, compassion, and kindness that I never knew even existed. (started as a resident and over time moved into management)


After a year of sobriety, I found myself leaving a relationship and starting over, on my own, for the first time. Some of the people I’d gone through residential treatment with were living in Life-Rock homes, so I knew where to go. They worked with my situation and got me into one of the houses immediately. The managers are actively involved in the well-being of the residents, freely sharing his experience, strength, and hope. The Life-Rock homes are well managed, clean, and genuinely focused on long-term sobriety. More than that, though, I found that I was not alone. Many of my housemates are still very dear friends. My 90-day experience in the Life-Rock house is quality material in my foundation for a lasting, Life-Rock.

Evan C.

At the beginning of my sobriety journey, many people suggested I consider spending time living in an SLE. That it would give me a support system, structure, and the accountability that many alcoholics and addicts were missing in their lives. I did a lot of research and settled on Life-Rock. The house was in good order, with the housekeeping maintained by the residents as part of their program participation. The amenities were modern, comfortable, and spacious. Management is professional and always available. I spent my first four years in sobriety living in two different houses owned and operated by Life-Rock. I have zero doubt that without that experience I wouldn’t have built the foundation for my recovery that still endures today.

Derek A.

I have many years of recovery from addiction and have also worked in the field of addiction for many years as well. Since coming to work with Life-Rock my life has changed dramatically. The personal and spiritual growth I have gained is profound. It is through the foundation that Life-Rock offers and the leadership they have given that this growth has been possible. I am blessed and grateful for the opportunity to work for such an organization.


My words: Awesome, caring, thriving, togetherness, love, kindness, prayer, compassion, instruction, support, fellowship, sisterhood, the dedication of management, healthy environment, spirituality.


Life-Rock has been a great experience for me. The structure is something that I really like because it holds me accountable and the fact that in the houses we build bonds with the clients and staff. It helps when you have others working toward one common goal of being clean and sober as well as also learning to be a productive member of society.


Clean, refreshing. Give you back your life, amazing! Powerful, life-changing. Responsible, helps you love yourself. Awesome, family, safe. It’s the truth! Uplifting and spiritual, creative and love!


I am blessed beyond measure to have been given the opportunity to live at Life-Rock in Petaluma. The structure and accountability are exactly what I’ve needed. The program offered here has been tailor made for me and my specific needs from the first day, allowing me to evolve and grow over time into a responsible and productive member of society. Above all else, my relationship with God is better today than it’s ever been. I am on the right track spiritually, and the love and compassion I receive every day at Life-Rock is keeping me on that track.


They are faith based, kind, loving, forgiving.


It is a safe environment to learn how to live drug and alcohol free.