Let me introduce myself. I’m Rudi. I’m a alcoholic / drug addict /dual diagnosed woman. I’ve been struggling with alcohol and drugs off and on since 1996. One of my reasons today I have success is because of my higher power. My resources available. Life Rock took a chance with me as a resident. I was on the fence as to if I was going back to Rehab or staying. I came here and hit the ground running. I obtained a full time job, I got a sponsor, worked all 12 steps and I’ve had the privilege to have a trauma therapist and doing EMDR with her. I’ve completed a year long Intensive Out Patient Program. Because of that I’m being afforded a full ride on a Master’s Program. Life Rock gave me a way out of a toxic situation and on my journey to recovery and gratitude. I am in management for over a year and that has been a big part of my recovery.  My life would definitely not be as kind and full of grace if I wasn’t given this opportunity to invest in myself. Anyone who is willing to do the hard work it takes to have a better quality of life this is the place. I’ve learned throughout my life no body can do it but you and Creators continued love for you.

April “RUDI” Moody

In the Summer of 2020, I discovered I was pregnant with my third child at the lowest point in my life. I was living in my vehicle, using meth daily, isolated, and completely miserable to my core. I was in the height of my disease and wanted nothing more than to find a way out so that I could show up for my two boys and find my purpose in life. God intervened in my life and gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I was granted the gift of recovery by being offered a chance to move into a sober living home in Petaluma. Life-Rock was the first steppingstone I needed in my journey to sober living, serenity, and a life full of more than I could possibly imagine. Today, I am a manager at Life-Rock and have lived in the Petaluma home for more than two years with my baby girl. My two boys have their mother back. I get to show up for my family every day and I have found true happiness in living. So many promises have come true for me, and I know there is more to come. I never thought any of this would be possible but because of my dedication to working hard on my program of recovery, my relationship with God, and the blessing that Life-Rock has given me I will forever be truly grateful. Thank you Life-Rock for saving my life and bringing my family back together. 


When I had no place to go I was given Life-Rock’s number and was welcomed into one of their recovery homes with a chance to make some serious life changes. I started off as a resident and have moved up to a management position. This opportunity has given me the accountability, responsibility, and structure that has enabled me to grow in so many ways as a woman in recovery. The SLE environment has absolutely been a blessing to me and I continue to learn and grow everyday while helping all of these wonderful women. 


“After multiple times of trying to transition out on my own I constantly failed. Joining life Rock was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The love, support and encouragement I receive from this organization is immeasurable. Thank you”



I lived at the Humboldt SLE house for just about 2 years. I would tell anyone that needs a fresh start in life to reside there.


Life-Rock has been my safe haven for over a year now. It has provided me a safe place to recover, rebuild and reinvent myself as a strong, independent, and healthy sober woman in recovery. The way the program is structured highlights self-knowledge, accountability, honesty, integrity, and community


Being a live-in house manager has been a truly transforming experience for me. Being of service at this level, and alongside my team at Life-Rock, has catapulted me into a state of love, compassion, and kindness that I never knew even existed. (started as a resident and over time moved into management)


After a year of sobriety, I found myself leaving a relationship and starting over, on my own, for the first time. Some of the people I’d gone through residential treatment with were living in Life-Rock homes, so I knew where to go. They worked with my situation and got me into one of the houses immediately. The managers are actively involved in the well-being of the residents, freely sharing his experience, strength, and hope. The Life-Rock homes are well managed, clean, and genuinely focused on long-term sobriety. More than that, though, I found that I was not alone. Many of my housemates are still very dear friends. My 90-day experience in the Life-Rock house is quality material in my foundation for a lasting, Life-Rock.

Evan C.

At the beginning of my sobriety journey, many people suggested I consider spending time living in an SLE. That it would give me a support system, structure, and the accountability that many alcoholics and addicts were missing in their lives. I did a lot of research and settled on Life-Rock. The house was in good order, with the housekeeping maintained by the residents as part of their program participation. The amenities were modern, comfortable, and spacious. Management is professional and always available. I spent my first four years in sobriety living in two different houses owned and operated by Life-Rock. I have zero doubt that without that experience I wouldn’t have built the foundation for my recovery that still endures today.

Derek A.

My words: Awesome, caring, thriving, togetherness, love, kindness, prayer, compassion, instruction, support, fellowship, sisterhood, the dedication of management, healthy environment, spirituality.


Life-Rock has been a great experience for me. The structure is something that I really like because it holds me accountable and the fact that in the houses we build bonds with the clients and staff. It helps when you have others working toward one common goal of being clean and sober as well as also learning to be a productive member of society.


Clean, refreshing. Give you back your life, amazing! Powerful, life-changing. Responsible, helps you love yourself. Awesome, family, safe. It’s the truth! Uplifting and spiritual, creative and love!