The Life-Rock difference

  • We accept everyone who is committed to their own recovery and to the recovery of others in their house no matter their belief, faith, or lack thereof.
  • We accept everyone who is committed to the 12-step program.
  • We are a nonprofit, so all of our resources go into promoting program members in every way.
  • Since we are not trying to fill our houses to stay profitable, we are selective about who comes in; we are looking for the true desire in people wanting a way out and a way up.
  • We are fairly structured. Each person contributes toward others’ recovery, and each person has responsibilities to help maintain their house and promote a good environment for all house members.
  • Each person agrees to 90 meetings in their first 90 days and then commits to 5 meetings per week thereafter.

Our mission

We are committed to helping people understand and experience a new freedom in sobriety along with a new happiness.

Recovery is a lifelong journey, and despite our best intentions it can take constant strength and focus to maintain. We’ve also discovered that this journey is unique to each person and, like any true personal growth, is not a one-time event. We continuously face hurdles and move through the same issues and setbacks as we redefine our path.

We insist on having fun and experiencing joy as we walk (sometimes trudge) this journey together. This is a new, interesting way to look at life. We would be glad to share it with you.




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