Expect success

  • Many others have made it and you can too!
  • Each participant will have a weekly service opportunity in the house.
  • Each person will be asked to be clean and respectful to others at all times.
    • Making every bed every day
    • Treating others with respect
    • Keeping room area clean
  • All common areas are kept clean as we go.
  • Two house meetings per week are required for all to attend.
  • Each person agrees to attend 90 meetings in 90 days.
  • The first few days are considered a nesting period, also known as brotherhood or sisterhood week. Leaving the house, except for work or school, is with another senior person from the house.
  • Obtain a sponsor within the first week. We can help with that!
  • House functions – getting everyone together, seasonal parties, get-togethers, and opportunities for service. We insist that you have fun and experience joy on your path to recovery.

Expect support

All of our clients are tested randomly for drugs and alcohol on a regular basis during their stay. We maintain a sober atmosphere by testing on-site as well as testing through a toxicology lab when necessary.

During your stay at Life-Rock, you will be provided with an abundance of support. We encourage and help clients to seek and build a solid foundation for their recovery from their first day through their stay at Life-Rock. We firmly believe recovery is not a “me” proposition. “We do this together” is our motto and we make sure clients never have to make the journey of recovery alone.