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4 Key Tips for Recovery From Addiction

Substance addiction is a curse for the addicted person as well as for society. Drugs can have short-term and long-term physical and psychological effects. Studies have linked illicit drugs to an increased likelihood of developing a chronic disease.

An addict has no sense of responsibility. All they think about is the next opportunity to take drugs. Addiction can affect one’s personal and professional relationships. Addicts have difficulty concentrating and focusing. As a result, their performance at school or home takes a hit.

Drug and alcohol addiction are chronic diseases that change brain chemistry and how the brain works. When a person takes a drug daily, their brain starts associating drug use with feelings of pleasure, reward, and enjoyment. As a result, they can’t stop taking the drug even if they know that their use can induce several adverse health effects.

Overcoming addiction is difficult, not impossible. To beat addiction, addicts must learn to exercise self-control and should not let temptations impair their judgment.

Here are some addiction recovery tips.

Ensure You Have a Safe, Stable Environment Free of Temptations

An addict’s environment plays a significant role in addiction recovery. Recovering addicts should make sure their environment is devoid of temptations. If someone in their home drinks or uses drugs, addicts who have just completed an addiction recovery program near Santa Rosa should consider moving into a sober living home. Sober living homes or halfway homes provide a structured and supportive sober living environment which is crucial to recovery.

Avoid Relapse Triggers

Recovering addicts should avoid places and situations that can cause them to crave drugs. They should stop hanging out with their friends who use drugs and avoid visiting bars and any other places where temptations may be present.

Some other common relapse triggers include negative emotions, boredom, toxic relationships, and stress. Recovering addicts should use the skills they learned in rehab to manage stress and cope with negative emotions. They should surround themselves with positive, supportive people who love and care about them.

Pursue Sober Activities or Hobbies

Boredom is a common relapse trigger. When a recovering addict is bored, they start yearning for the rush they used to feel when they used drugs. As the urge to experience the intense pleasure delivered by drugs gets too hard to resist, they return to their old ways.

To overcome boredom and keep their mind busy, recovering addicts should pursue the activities they enjoy – can be playing a sport, painting, or playing a musical instrument.

Prioritize Your Health

Addiction can affect one’s body and psyche. Recovering addicts should devise a plan to improve their physical and mental health. They should exercise every day and stick to a healthy diet. Exercise and healthy foods can supply nutrients essential for optimal health. Recovering addicts should not let their past mistakes define them and learn to forgive themselves. They should try to make social connections and learn new skills.

No matter where you are in your addiction recovery journey, Life-Rock can help. Our directors and house managers deeply understand the human psyche and how addiction affects it. They help recovering addicts cultivate good habits to replace the bad ones. To learn more, call 707-575-9599 (women’s helpline) or 707-575-9100 (men’s helpline).