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How Healthy Eating Can Help with Addiction Recovery

Diet has an important role to play in the addiction recovery process. Substance use can take a toll on the body, increasing vulnerability to nutritional deficiencies among other things. Healthy eating can remedy nutritional deficiencies, improving the likelihood of successful recovery.

Drug rehabs in Santa Rosa design special diets for their patients. It is important that recovering addicts stick to their diet plan during and after rehab to ensure the body gets essential nutrients that fast-track recovery and help them feel better.

How Addiction Makes Healthy Eating Difficult

Addiction makes healthy eating difficult in a number of ways. It affects appetite and can result in the person eating less calories than their body requires on a frequent basis. Addiction can increase cravings for unhealthy, junk foods that are devoid of essential nutrients.

Some addictive substances can affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients while others may cause it to use those nutrients in larger quantities than normal. In either of these circumstances, the individual still may not get enough nutrients even if they stick to a healthy diet.

Sticking to good eating habits and choosing to prepare healthy foods to require more motivation than preparing unhealthy foods. Addiction can affect a person’s focus, confidence, and outlook toward healthy eating, making it extremely difficult for them to stick to a healthy diet.

How Healthy Eating Promotes Recovery

A healthy diet allows your mind and body to work better and heal faster. It supplies the body with essential nutrients that stabilize mood, boost energy levels, improve focus, and help resist cravings.

Conversely, an unhealthy nutrient-deficient diet increases the risk for relapse and depression. Recovering addicts who fail to make healthy food choices and do not add healthy foods to their diet are highly likely to lose focus and get distracted.

Healthy eating ensures your body gets enough calories and nutrients to regulate bodily processes. Your diet should supply the right amount of calories to support your daily activities. Think twice before adding nutrient-dense foods to your diet as they can increase your calorie intake and you can pile on the pounds quickly.

Healthy eating can help maintain a positive outlook. Healthy foods can boost confidence, making it easier for the person to deal with challenges and distractions. 

Healthy eating can improve focus, motivation, and awareness. People on a healthy diet are able to maintain a high level of energy for long periods of time. When recovering addict sticks to a healthy diet, their cravings become less intense and their willpower to resist addictive substances increases.

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