Drug Treatment in Sonoma County

How to Support Someone in Addiction Recovery

A recovering addict needs all the help they can get from their support network. If a friend or family member is in addiction recovery, stand by them! Help them overcome the challenges they face on the road to recovery to show the person that you care and have their back.

Here are some ways to support a friend or loved one in addiction recovery after receiving treatment in Sonoma County.

Be There for Them

Everyone wants to be heard and listened to. Take time out of your schedule to talk to the person and listen carefully when your loved one is speaking. Use assuring words to demonstrate concern. Help them solve everyday problems and work on their coping strategy. Instead of judging them, accept them for who they are and support them to become the person they want to be.

Encourage Them to Stay in Treatment

To keep your loved one focused on their goal, periodically remind them why they entered the program and what they stand to gain by completing the program. Keep reiterating the fact that abstinence is key to recovery. Tell them you are proud of their accomplishments as this will help motivate them to stay in treatment.

Encourage Participation in Peer Support Groups

Attend meetings of several peer groups with your loved one and help them choose the right group to fit their needs.

Once the person gets involved with a peer group, encourage them to attend every meeting. If required, adjust the family schedule to ensure regular participation. Introduce them to apps and websites dedicated to helping recovering addicts connect with each other.

Create a Healthy, Sober Living Environment  

To support your loved one, create an environment devoid of temptations. Do not keep alcohol in your home. Avoid drinking at home. Help the person avoid social situations that can trigger addiction relapse.

Help Them Build a Sober Peer Network

If a person in recovery spends time with friends who drink, they run the risk of relapse. They may be able to handle urges to drink initially, but are highly likely to give into temptation eventually.

A sober peer network can support recovery. Help your loved one create a network of sober friends. Encourage them to connect with their sober friends. Directly reconnect with common sober friends.

Reduce Family Friction

Family conflict can contribute to a relapse. To create an environment conducive to recovery, reduce family stress. Communicate effectively with your family members. Try to spend quality time with your loved ones. Don’t interrupt people while they’re speaking. Actively listen to what they’re saying and then communicate your side of the story.

At Life-Rock, we are committed to helping recovering addicts rebuild their lives after completing an alcohol or drug treatment program in Sonoma County. Our team supports house residents every step of the way. Have questions? Contact our office at (707) 575-9100 for men or (707) 775-9599 for women.