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How to Support Your Loved One When They Are in Recovery

When a person enters an addiction recovery program in Santa Rosa, their family members have a major role to play in the recovery process! The importance of standing by their loved one, helping them cope with the challenges they will encounter on their road to sobriety is paramount. If someone in your family has entered a treatment program, provide them the support they need to deal with emotional overwhelm.

Here are some ways to help your loved one remain focused on their journey to sobriety.

Encourage Them to Stay in Treatment

Motivating a person with an addiction to enter a recovery program can be challenging. Persuading them to stay in treatment can be even more difficult. You cannot expect a person who has been abusing for years to turn a new leaf overnight.

If your loved one behaves badly and acts out, do not lose your patience. Instead, speak to them reassuringly and calmly. Realize that they aren’t acting deliberately nor intending to hurt you. They are simply frustrated. If you retaliate, things may get worse and they may regress.

Keep reminding the person why they entered the program. To keep them motivated, regularly remind them what they stand to gain by completing the program. Be sure to attend family therapy sessions to show your support and that you care about their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Family support is key when it comes to helping an addict retain their sobriety.

Write Them Letters

Though sending a handwritten letter has become an anomaly, they have still not lost their charm. A handwritten letter conveys warmth, empathy, and love; something that emails lack. Additionally, it demonstrates how important the recipient is to the sender.

Your loved one will appreciate the gesture. Use positive words and phrases to encourage the recipient instead of sharing details about the instances when you felt the person has betrayed your trust or hurt you. Reinforce that you will stay with them through thick and thin.

After Completing Rehab

After your loved one returns home from their recovery program, they will need motivation and support to stay sober. Create an environment free from temptations. Do not drink in their presence. Avoid situations where temptations can be present. Keep telling them that abstinence is the key to recovery.

Help them work on their coping skills and be willing to lend an ear or offer advice should they ask. Talk with them and help them navigate stressful situations to stay on the path of sobriety.

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