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Rules & Regulations of a Sober Living House

Many recovering addicts return to their homes after completing rehab. They fail to realize that their home environment could be full of temptations, especially if a family member drinks or uses drugs. When temptations lurk around every corner, it is easy to succumb to them.

Instead of returning to their homes after rehab, recovering addicts should move into sober living homes. A sober living home offers a substance free environment. Residents commit to maintaining sobriety and agree to comply with any drug testing requests.

Most sober living homes are situated in residential areas. Some sober living homes have separate rooms for residents, whereas others require two residents to share a room. Usually, residents share community areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and backyards.

Benefits of Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes offer a supportive and structured environment. Structured environments can help recovering addicts learn new skills, cultivate good habits, and develop a positive mindset, essential for maintaining long-term sobriety. Many residents form deep and satisfying relationships with their roommates. These connections can help improve mental health.

Addiction is a multifaceted and complex problem, and recovery is a lifelong process. It doesn’t conclude with the completion of rehab or formal therapy. Easing back into normal life and navigating responsibilities, while avoiding relapse triggers can be challenging for many recovering addicts who have just returned from rehab. Sober living facilities can help with this transition. A sober home offers residents the freedom to work or attend school, while simultaneously holding them accountable for their actions.

Transitional sober living in Napa teaches recovering addicts the importance of following rules and keeping a routine. A routine brings structure to life and can help ease stress. With a routine, it’s easier to make time for exercise and hobbies. Exercising every day and spending time doing what one loves is a great way to avoid distractions and stay focused on recovery.

Sober Living House Rules

The rules in one home can be different from the rules in another. That said, most sober living homes have the following rules:

➢ Drugs and alcohol are prohibited in the home and on the property.
➢ Residents should attend weekly meetings and perform household chores such as cleaning their rooms, washing their clothes, and completing their daily house chores.
➢ Residents should pay their monthly program fee on time.
➢ Residents can independently leave the sober living home after a 5-day “blackout”, where they will stay close to another member of the house upon moving in
➢ Residents must comply with the assigned curfew.
➢ Residents are expected to cooperate with the house manager during random drug and alcohol tests.
➢ Residents must respect other housemates and the house managers.
➢ Residents must provide complete information regarding their medications.
➢ Residents can have guests over in the common areas given that they are approved by the house manager in advance, and are clean and sober.

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