Sober Living Santa Rosa

The Benefits of Staying in a Living Home Post Rehab

Many recovering addicts understandably do not want to return to their homes immediately after completing drug rehab. They are afraid that they might still be mentally and emotionally fragile and would succumb if presented with temptations

Lack of a stable, drug-free environment is an obstacle to sustained sobriety. Entering into a sober living home can sometimes make the difference between recovery and relapse. A sober living environment in Santa Rosa provides a safe haven for recovering addicts. An SLE is shared by several recovering addicts and caretaker staff. Residents share their experiences, helping each other stay focused on recovery.

Here are some compelling reasons to move into a sober living home post rehab.

Stable Environment

Many people are hesitant to return to their home after completing rehab as their home’s environment is not conducive to recovery. They worry that they’d get stuck again in the cycle of temptations and addiction and go back to their old ways. A sober living home offers stability and structure. Residents are required to follow a routine. When an individual follows a routine, self-discipline is cultivated and they become mentally and emotionally stronger. Many homes help their residents work on their existing skills and gain new skills they will need in the real world.

Drug Screenings Enhance Compliance

Sober environments have a zero-tolerance policy. People sharing a sober living home aren’t allowed to use drugs or alcohol. To ensure compliance, many sober living homes conduct surprise checks and toxicology tests.
Free From Stressors in Everyday Life There are many stressors in everyday life, these can include relationship problems, job pressure, and financial concerns. These stressors can act as relapse triggers. Many homes often enforce curfews to keep residents in line. Physical health and mental health are interconnected. Residents in a sober home are served nutritious meals and are required to follow a routine. There are several physical and mental benefits of having a routine. A healthy person is more capable of managing their emotions better.

Encouraged to Stay in Formal Treatment

Many homes require their residents to stay in formal treatment, while others encourage their residents to continue seeing their doctor and avail aftercare services. Many homes encourage their residents to join alumni programs, relapse prevention programs, and support groups to get the support they need to rebuild their life and turn over a new leaf. Studies have shown that recovering addicts who attend 12-Step programs are more likely to stay sober for longer than those who don’t. Some sober living homes make attending 12-Step meetings mandatory for their residents.

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