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The Importance of Transitional Living after Addiction Treatment

If a recovering addict returns to their home after their treatment, they may succumb to temptation present in that environment. Understandably, many recovering addicts do not want to return to their homes immediately after completing a recovery program and prefer to temporarily stay in a sober living home.

The environment of a sober living home is devoid of any temptations and full of support. A sober living home provides a safe, compassionate, and stable environment that supports recovery. Residents are surrounded by experienced staff and peers who, like them, are on the path to recovery. The goal of a transitional living program in Sonoma County is to help recovering addicts stay the course, create good habits, and prepare them for integration into mainstream society.

Here are some benefits of transitional living.

Constant Guidance and Support

In a sober living home, residents are surrounded by people who support their recovery. A sober living home manager usually lives with the residents in the house and is available around the clock to help them get through craving bouts.

They are always willing to lend an ear and offer advice to residents struggling with mental health problems. A positive conversation helps release built-up tension and gain new insight into the situation that is causing the problem.

Sober house staff help residents deal mindfully with difficult emotions. The support staff of many sober homes often have several people who have recovered completely from their addictions. They know how addiction feels like and can offer invaluable advice to residents.

Regular Screenings Ensure Compliance

People living in a sober living home have to follow sober living house rules and regulations. They cannot use drugs or alcohol. To ensure compliance, sober living homes conduct regular inspections and drug tests.

Every person living in a sober living house is held accountable for their actions. If a resident violates the rules multiple times, they can be asked to leave. This helps keep the environment of the sober living home as stable as possible. Some sober living homes impose curfews to bring residents into line.

Residents Build Meaningful Relationships

Another benefit of living in a sober living home is that the residents are surrounded by people who are also in recovery. They understand what it feels like to be addicted and how addiction affects one’s professional and private life. Residents share their stories and bond with one another.

Many people who struggle with an addiction distance themselves from their loved ones. They become lonely. Isolation triggers a vicious cycle. An isolated and lonely individual finds solace in drugs and falls into the abyss of addiction. In a sober living setting, recovering addicts live with people who are experiencing the same emotions. They support each other in the recovery process and form lasting bonds.

At Life-Rock we go above and beyond to create a sober living environment. We support our house residents in every way possible to aid them on their path to recovery. To learn more, call our men’s helpline at (707) 575-9100 or our women’s helpline at (707) 575-9599.