3 women hugging and comforting addict through recovery

What You Don’t Know About Addiction and Addiction Treatment

Contrary to popular belief, addiction is a disease, not a bad habit. It affects the mind and body and can cause chronic physiological changes. Many people wrongly use the terms drug addiction and drug abuse interchangeably. When a person abuses a drug, they use it in a certain manner that is not prescribed to get a desired effect – usually a high.

A person addicted to a drug has no control over their actions. They crave the high so badly that they can’t stop themselves from abusing the drug. An addiction can affect a person’s ability to think things through. They are so driven to get high that they lie or even steal to get their hands on the drug without thinking about the consequences.

Addiction can be physical as well as psychological. A person is said to be physically dependent on a drug when their body becomes so reliant on the substance that it cannot function smoothly without it. Some drugs rewire the brain and body faster than others and are hence, more physically addictive. As a sober living facility, Life-Rock’s staff has seen some residents take several months after rehab to adjust to living without drugs.

Psychological dependency occurs when a person becomes so dependent on a drug that they need it to manage the symptoms of a psychological disorder such as depression, chronic stress, anxiety, or intermittent explosive disorder.

Some Types of Addiction

Not everyone who uses drugs becomes addicted. The risk of addiction can vary significantly on a case-to-case basis and mainly depends on a person’s family history, mental health, and genetic makeup.

Some common types of addictions include:

  • Addiction to a legal substance such as alcohol
  • Addiction to substances that a healthcare professional may have prescribed initially including include opioids and anxiety medication
  • Addiction to illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines

Common Signs of Addiction

The signs of substance abuse disorders can vary depending on the type of drugs being abused. That said, there are some common signs of addiction that many individuals commonly share.

Here are some such symptoms:

  • Inability to voluntarily stop using
  • Constant thoughts about the substance the person uses
  • Continued use even after negative consequences/experiences
  • Mood swings or personality shifts
  • Engaging in inappropriate behavior to hide substance use problems from others
  • Sudden and significant changes in behavior

The Benefits of Addiction Treatment

If you are struggling with addiction, consider entering a rehabilitation program. In rehab, you work with knowledgeable, experienced counselors to understand your addiction triggers. You learn and practice healthy coping mechanisms in a safe, structured environment and gain coping skills.

We work with Addiction treatment programs in Napa to help participants get out of the environment that may be contributing to addiction. Although Life-Rock provides housing services after rehabilitation programs we encourage those suffering from addiction to take that first step toward recovery.

Whether you or a loved one is grappling with a substance use disorder, Life-Rock can help. We have sober living environments through both Sonoma and Napa counties. Our Staff knows how tough the journey toward recovery can be and can guide you in the right direction. To begin your journey to recovery, call (707) 575-9599 (women’s helpline) or (707) 575-9100 (men’s helpline).