Transitional Housing Near Me

Why Choose a Sober Living Environment?

Sobering up is a milestone in the journey to sobriety. The ultimate goal is remaining sober. Sobriety is a lifelong commitment that requires a strong will and commitment to recovery.

One of the reasons why many people fall off the wagon after overcoming addiction is that they are unable to resist the temptations in their environment. If you have just recovered from an addiction, choose a sober living environment (SLE).

Move to transitional housing near you, and enroll in a program focused on helping you develop a strong foundation for rebuilding your life. A sober living environment provides the ideal place for residents to further develop the life skills they learned in their programs. In an SLE, residents are surrounded by a support network and other motivated recovering addicts. There are no temptations or distractions in a sober living environment.

Here are some compelling reasons to move into a sober living home after completing an addiction treatment program.

24/7 Support and Guidance

A sober living environment is managed by an on-site house manager. A house manager helps residents with any potential issues and helps them avoid distractions and overcome difficult emotions. If you want to work but are unable to find a job, your house manager may be able to help you out. 

A house manager is also responsible for enforcing house rules. If a resident violates house rules multiple times and does not mend their ways even after several warnings, the house manager might ask them to leave to keep the environment as consistent as possible. 

In addition, if you just need someone to talk to your house manager will lend an ear. The staff at SLEs create a caring environment that encourages residents to share their experiences with each other and focus on recovery.

Usually, sober living environments employ fully recovered addicts. They are able to understand what residents are going through, empathize with them, and offer advice when they need it most.

Work On Life Skills That Have Been Forgotten

When an individual becomes addicted, all they can think about is the next opportunity to use that substance. They fail to stick to their healthy eating commitments, maintain good personal hygiene, and maintain a clean home.

Most SLEs require residents to do chores. They rebuild essential life skills during their stay and are successful in creating a daily routine that focuses on helping them achieve success and developing habits for a happier life.

Minimizes the Risk of Relapse

A sober living environment can help eliminate triggers that cause cravings and potential relapse. Residents have to follow house rules. Everyone is given a task and a role, so they do not have enough time to think about temptations.

Life-Rock is a renowned transitional housing near you. We are committed to helping our residents rebuild their lives. We have created an environment that helps residents focus on charting a roadmap to recovery. To learn more, call (707) 575-9100 for men’s help or (707) 575-599 for women’s help.